Drain Cleaning


There are many causes of drain line blockages including grease, sludge, sand and debris. Our high-pressure water jetting service helps clear blockages by:

  • Cutting through and emulsifying grease
  • Removing debris and sludge
  • Shearing hardened scale
  • Breaking up roots
  • Flushing out lines

Jetting is far more efficient than cable machines in removing soft blockages such as grease and other buildup. Cable machines are an effective method of removing hard obstructions like tree roots, but they don’t clean and push sludge and debris the way jetting does.

How Does Jetting Work?

High-pressure water jetting is a fast and economical way to clean and clear blockages, in different kinds of pipe, in an environmentally friendly way. The system utilizes pumps, flexible hoses,and water pressure jetted through special multi-directional nozzles to clean to the pipe walls while cutting through the most stubborn blockages.

To keep drain lines flowing freely a regular maintenance schedule is recommended especially for commercial applications and restaurants. Some businesses may require a single cleaning per year while others find that a quarterly or monthly schedule works best. Regular cleaning minimizes down time which saves you money.


In many instances sewer line snaking is a great choice for stubborn blockages. This traditional method of drain clearing utilizes a steel cable “snake” and auger and was the first mechanical drain cleaning system. The snake auger is a corkscrew-shaped auger attached at the end of a bendable metal cable.  Commercial snakes are typically run on electricity, but can be hand powered as well. The snake rotates in the clogged drain until it hits an obstruction, and then scrapes away the clog.

If you have problems with tree roots clogging your main sewer line,we recommend you get your drain cleaned by our industrial strength drain snake every couple of years, and preferably annually.  Apart from tree removal or sewer line replacement with PVC lines, roots will continue to grow into your drains year after year. Only annual drain snaking will keep your waste water flowing properly through your pipes.


The latest innovation in drain cleaning is video inspection of sewer lines. By completing a visual inspection of the lines with a waterproof camera, we are able to pinpoint the actual problem prior instead of using trial and error to solve the problem. By actually seeing what’s causing a blockage we not only are able to identify the best solution, but we can also make a determination of the aging and pipe condition from the outset. We spend less time and apply the most effective technology to clear blockages, and determine if a system needs to simply be cleaned or if a replacement is in order.

Video inspections allow us to identify:

  • Damaged pipes that require repair or replacement.
  • Misaligned sewer pipes from shifting soil, freezing, or settling
  • Build-up of grease or debris that restrict line flow
  • Pipes that have deteriorated from corrosion
  • Bellied pipes that form natural collection points and repeated blockages
  • Broken seals that create subterranean leaks
  • Tree or shrub root invasion damage of sewer lines.
  • Construction related issues from sub-standard materials

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