Video Drain Inspection

The latest innovation in drain cleaning is video inspection of sewer lines. By completing a visual inspection of the lines with a waterproof camera, we are able to pinpoint the actual problem prior instead of using trial and error to solve the problem. By actually seeing what’s causing a blockage we not only are able to identify the best solution, but we can also make a determination of the aging and pipe condition from the outset. We spend less time and apply the most effective technology to clear blockages, and determine if a system needs to simply be cleaned or if a replacement is in order.

Video inspections allow us to identify:

  • Damaged pipes that require repair or replacement.
  • Misaligned sewer pipes from shifting soil, freezing, or settling
  • Build-up of grease or debris that restrict line flow
  • Pipes that have deteriorated from corrosion
  • Bellied pipes that form natural collection points and repeated blockages
  • Broken seals that create subterranean leaks
  • Tree or shrub root invasion damage of sewer lines.
  • Construction related issues from sub-standard materials

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