Land Clearing & Stump Removal


There are many reasons people come to us for land clearing. It can be part of a site prep project or simply the desire to enhance the value and fire safety of your property. What may take days of your time to accomplish manually, we can do in a matter of hours so you can concentrate on the real reason you want the area cleared.


If you have stumps that remain on your property they can be easily removed with the right equipment.

There are several reasons to remove stumps:

Stumps are a haven for invasive insects like beetles and ants, which can spread to nearby houses or other wooden structures.
They affect the value and beauty of your property.
They can cause a damage to your lawncare equipment.
They are a hazard for tripping and a potential liability.

We have the equipment to remove stumps of all kinds, sizes, and condition, and can clean up other unsightly debris. We can either haul the debris away or build slash piles to burn at the time of removal, or at your convenience. We can also fill and grade the removal areas to leave a level, plantable area.

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