Hand Wash and Sanitizer Stations


Protect yourself and others against water contamination with the a portable handwash station. Its large twenty gallon fresh water tank with screw on lid keeps water fresh. With dual stations and a slender design, this unit is highly portable and provides plenty of washes.

  • Free Standing
  • Sealed fresh water tank
  • Foot pump operation
  • Heavy duty nozzles

HAND SANITIZERShand sanitizer

This hand sanitation stand is a real work horse made from unbreakable molded polyethelene. Available in 2 or four dispenser models.

  • Tip-resistant design
  • Durable, one-piece construction
  • Wide weather roof guards dispensers
  • Available with 2 or 4 dispensers
  • Holds foam, 800 ml or 100 ml dispensers
  • Dispensers mount up to 42” off ground
  • Base holds up to 200 pounds of water for superb stability

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