How to Get a Permit


All septic permits for the Idaho Panhandle are managed and issued by Panhandle Health. We work with them on virtually a daily basis and can assist you with any questions regarding site evaluations and permits. If we can’t answer your questions we can direct you to the right person in the health district offices. If you don’t care to deal with the health district we can manage the entire evaluation and permit process for you.

There are a variety of site evaluations and permits depending on whether it is a new installation or repair.

In terms of cost, as of 2014, a Subsurface Sewage Permit (typical septic system) is $860 that is paid to Panhandle Health. In addition a basic site plan is also required to be submitted with your application.

To speak directly with Panhandle Health you can call:

Boundary County – 7402 Caribou, Bonners Ferry, ID – 208-267-5558
Bonner County – 322 Marion, Sandpoint, ID – 208-265-6364

Here is a link to the website Panhandle Health District 1
If you have any questions you can also give us a call at (208) 267.5110.