Septic Line Repairs

For most people the first sign of a septic system or drain problem is evident by a toilet being slow to flush. If septic system hasn’t been maintained on a regular basis it could be that there is a line problem. The sooner you call us when you have a problem of slow draininig, odors, gurgling toilets, or wet spots in your yard, etc. the smaller the problem and less costly it will be.

Septic lines are designed to handle liquids only. If solids begin to make their way into the field lines it can lead to costly problems because it impacts the soil’s ability to absorb the liquid waste. Eventually, if not maintained or corrected this will lead to clogs, leaks or even backups into the home or building.

The easiest way to manage this problem is prevention through regular cleaning and maintenance. If however you are in a situation that requires the field lines to be repaired, then we can help you get your septic system back into good operating condition. We can clean your system, make repairs as necessary, and do it quickly and with as little impact to your property as possible.

If you have any questions you can also give us a call at (208) 267.5110.